Closed Loop Wallet

Thanks to the Craftgate closed loop wallet, you can keep the real-time wallet balance of your customers. You can offer your customers the opportunity to load the refund of their purchases into their wallets, load money from their cards to their wallets, load money within the framework of the loyalty program and to shop with the balance in their wallets.

Sanal Pos Ödeme ve E-para Kuruluşu Entegrasyonu Hero

Let your customers enjoy several advantages of the Closed Loop Wallet feature. Enjoy hassle-free, instant and easy payment.

Closed Loop Wallet Experience

Receive Refund to Wallet

Thanks to this feature, which instantly transfers the refund amount to the wallet, provide your customers with a perfect shopping experience without waiting for the refund period of the banks to the card.

Top Up by Card

Provide the convenience of quickly loading the desired amount from debit, credit or prepaid cards into the wallet.

Withdraw from Wallet

Offer an easy, secure and fast shopping experience to your customers, who can pay using all or part of their wallet balance (without the need for a debit or credit card).

Loyalty Programme

Make your customers feel valuable with various loyalty schemes, reward your loyal customers by loading gift balances to their wallets.


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