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Manage your Virtual POS of all banks and other payment / e-money institutions from one single center. Craftgate lets you save time to focus on growing your business.

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What is Craftgate?

Craftgate is a "One-Stop Shop" payment orchestration platform where you can easily integrate and manage Virtual POS of all banks of your business as well as many other payment and e-money institutions, alternative and international payment methods from a single center.

With Craftgate, you can quickly benefit from many value-added services. Thus you can focus on growing your core business while reducing costs with Craftgate.

Designed for Developers

While designing the Craftgate Payment Gateway, we take care to be developer friendly. You can access open source libraries that facilitate the integration of merchants and access detailed API documentation from the links below.

const craftgate = new Craftgate.Client({ apiKey: 'api-key', secretKey: 'secret-key', baseUrl: '' }); const request = { price: 7000.0, paidPrice: 7000.0, currency: Craftgate.Model.Currency.TRY, card: { cardHolderName: 'Haluk Demir', cardNumber: '5258640000000001', expireYear: '2044', expireMonth: '07', cvc: '000' }, items: [ { name: 'Laptop', price: 6500.0 }, { name: 'Mouse', price: 500.0 } ] }; craftgate.payment().createPayment(request);
How we work

How do I start working with Craftgate?

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Fill in the requested information, upload documents and apply online.
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Confirm the incoming digital contract and start using Craftgate right away.

All e-retail and marketplace merchants that receive payments over the internet, currently using or planning to use their own virtual POS, or receiving payments through payment and e-money institutions can benefit from Craftgate’s value-added services.

With Craftgate, the one-stop shop payment gateway, you can easily integrate virtual POS of all banks serving in Turkey as well as many other payment and e-money institutions from a single center.

No, it doesn’t. Craftgate enables the virtual POS of merchants to be integrated from a single center. On the other hand, since it offers close cooperation with banks, it can guide you to get virtual POS from banks.

After clicking the Start Now button on our website, creating an account and verifying the e- mail you received, you can apply by submitting various information and documents (signature circular, tax plate) through the merchant panel. When you approve the digital contract that will be sent to you upon the completion of your application via the merchant panel, you will be in the integration phase.

You can complete the integration in a very short time thanks to the developer-oriented services offered by Craftgate. Using open source clients, you can perform integration tests on the sandbox test environment, review Github sample codes, and review the developer portal for documentation and technical information.

Craftgate securely stores the card information of your customers with its infrastructure in compliance with PCI-DSS-1, which covers merchants, payment processes and customer data, and provides a global security standard for all parties.

Craftgate provides financial benefits to your business with many “best practices” it includes, and you pay much less than what you earn. Charges are calculated as a fixed monthly fee and a per-transaction fee on successful payouts only.

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