Marketplace Solution

Craftgate offers all comprehensive services such as enabling payments to online marketplaces where service/product providers and service/product buyers meet, enabling distribution of money to sub-merchants for payment and mediating escrow.

Marketplace Solution

With the Marketplace Solution, create a pleasant world that offers easy, fast and secure payment options for both your sub-merchants as well as their customers.

Enabling Payment in Marketplaces

Your customers can shop from more than one sub-merchant in a single basket, and the progress and maturity of sub-merchants can be calculated and transferred separately by the system.

Mediating Escrow

You can automatically transfer the progress payments of your sub-merchants to the bank accounts of sub-merchants when the conditions you specify are met, after subtracting the marketplace and bank commissions.

Distribution of Money to Sub-Merchants

Calculated earnings of sub-merchants can be settled to their accounts in just three steps.

Advanced API Integration

With a single integration, you can manage all your Marketplace payment flows from one place. Thanks to the advanced Merchant Panel and reporting APIs, you can provide your controls in detail.

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