Enabling Payment Through Multi-Currency

With Craftgate, you can receive payments in many currencies from around the world. Craftgate offers its customers the opportunity to receive payments thanks to many payment solutions such as Advanced API integration, Payment Form, Common Payment Page, Link/QR Code Payment.

Enabling Payment Through Multi-Currency

Empower your business by getting paid with Multi-Currency. Enjoy the pleasure of being able to receive payments smoothly, uninterruptedly and easily.

Enabling Payment Through Multi-Currency

Empower your business by receiving multi-currency payments from anywhere in the world.

Payment Form and Common Payment Page

Support multi-currency thanks to the payment form and get paid from all over the world without requiring integration.

Multi-Currency Reporting

Review the payments you receive from all over the world through the Advanced Merchant Panel, create a report and control your payments in detail.

Multiple Currency

Conveniently get paid in Multi-Currency without making a new upgrade to your existing Craftgate integration.

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