Our Culture

Behind our success are a competent team in the payment field, advanced products, and practical support processes. At the core of these is our culture. As Crafters, who are easy to communicate with, love to cooperate, and are proud of their products and team, we are constantly improving our culture.

We keep the quality bar high in every field


We always do our best

While developing our product, we aim to do our job properly at every stage and attach great importance to testing processes. Thus, we minimize the problems our customers may experience due to the product.


We trust our product quality

We have been continuously developing our 6th generation payment system, which we have been developing since 2007, so that our merchants can manage their payment processes in the most efficient way.


We work closely with our customers

Our customers receive 24/7 support from our team that develops our product during and after the integration phase. We receive constant feedback about our product and follow the payment processes at all times.


We are competent in our field

With our experienced and competent team of more than 16 years in the payment field, we have developed our payment gateway product, which combines the best practices.

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If the knives in the kitchen are sharp, all kinds of meals can be made with pleasure and easily.

- Hakan Erdoğan
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Knowledge grows as it is shared and deepens as it is told to others.

We brainstorm topics such as code architecture, business development, payment, and motivation during the events and meetings we organize throughout the year. We inspire each other with sessions such as "Lightning talk" and "unconference".




We are doing our job with pleasure and meticulousness, and we are a team that believes in the power of success together. We aim for continuous development. We inspire each other on this path! You can watch this video to understand better our team culture, one of the elements we have cared about the most since the first day.

First Episode of Our Video Series

We constantly review our processes, technology, and communication

Within the team, we share updates on all product components, including sales, marketing, software, and support. We hold internal-evaluation meetings where we discuss and determine actions. We follow our efforts and try to achieve better in every field step by step.

We write developer friendly codes but for those who will come after us.

We have been thinking for a long time about controlling the complexity of software. By separating the hexagonal architecture and the domain code for years, we have been trying to prevent it from being poisoned by the technology-dependent integration code

We carefully examine all errors that occur in the system

Regardless of the severity, all errors that occur in the system are carefully examined. Errors fall in front of the team through different channels and are interpreted by the team. Payment is where there is little room for error, and efficient processes have been established to minimize error.

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We know the team well and focus on the needs as a team. We do not follow any framework or principle.

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Our Working Model

The basis of the Craftgate Model is "kaizen," that is, "observe and improve our constantly existing processes" perspective, which is the source of agility. We are not followers or fanatics of any framework or principle. We discuss our problems as a team and only take steps to solve them. We do not do it to do, and we do not gather to gather. We do not apply it because it is written somewhere. We know our team very well. Whatever is needed, we find it as a team and use it.


We do not have seniority levels

There are no seniority levels, such as junior, senior, expert, etc., at Craftgate. We refer to all of our team members as "Crafter". We do our job with love, believe in development, and enjoy our career journey.


We evaluate all our processes together

All Crafters from different units meet every day and plan their days together. In this way, everyone on our team is informed about all processes


We enjoy working remotely

We plan to continue remotely forever with the engineering team. We also have a well-designed, peaceful office in a very central location. Always open for use if you get bored of working from home.


We do not have a leadership position

Every Crafter is a born leader and can lead the team regardless of career background and work experience. We trust the abilities of everyone on our team and respect knowledge.


Better version of you, better version of product

The product develops and is shaped by the efforts of each member. If even one is not good in their field, the solution will be just as mediocre and ordinary. Therefore, we provide all kinds of support for personal development.


We do not care about working hours

We don't care who works how much. We follow the status of our work as a whole team and evaluate it from every angle every day so that it can fully meet its needs.

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