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Despite working remotely, we consciously try to come together frequently through office or online events. Our team-building activities include holiday-themed "get-together" events, online birthday parties, or happy-hour gatherings at the office.

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Why Craftgate?

In our team, where you can build quality relationships while working, we follow our own "Craftgate Model" based on a continuous improvement perspective. The fundamental principles that shape our work style and culture include:

Transparent Processes, Valued Ideas

At Craftgate, we collectively dream and pursue a common goal. We transparently set our objectives and aim for universal acceptance. Every Crafter's opinion is highly valued on the path to our goals.

Solidarity, Team Spirit, and Batman-Robin

Building healthy relationships and maintaining team spirit in the work environment is crucial. Through the support system we call Batman-Robin, we provide technical support shoulder-to-shoulder to our customers. We frequently pair up when coding and brainstorming as a team in architectural processes.

Horizontal Hierarchy and Initiative-Based Job Design

At Craftgate, we don't have a tightly controlled hierarchy system based on experience. Everyone is a Crafter for us, and irrespective of hierarchy, you can take on responsibilities and shape your job description.

Expert and Experienced Team

We possess extensive expertise and experience in the domain of payment systems. We ensure that every Crafter, regardless of the department, possesses these competencies and adaptability, enjoying the success achieved as a team.

Fair Processes and Equal Opportunities

At Craftgate, we meticulously follow equal opportunities, fair distribution of roles and promotion practices. When you join us, you feel a part of a safe working culture, allowing you to work joyfully.

Continuous Improvement with Feedback Culture

At Craftgate, we appreciate positive behaviours and provide constructive feedback for those needing improvement. This way, we support our goal of continuous improvement with healthy feedback.

Craftgate Through the Eyes of Crafters

Would you like to learn about the Craftgate work environment and culture from the perspective of our Crafters?

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