International Payment Methods

Start receiving payments for the services you provide abroad or from your overseas customers with international payment methods. While integrating the most used payment methods in the world into your system with the existing Craftgate integration, you can manage your domestic and international payments from a single center.

International Payment Methods

You can expand abroad through international payment methods and receive payments easily.


Expand Abroad

You can expand abroad with your services/products and start receiving payments from your overseas customers immediately.


Get Paid

You can easily get paid via the API or Common Payment page with international payment methods.


Review Payments

You can track and review payments received from international payment methods, as well as your virtual POS and e-money institution payments, via Craftgate merchant panel.


Track International Payments

You can track and manage payments from all virtual POS', e-money institutions, alternative payment methods and international payment methods from a single center via Craftgate Merchant Panel.

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What is Craftgate?

For payments through Paypal, Afterpay, Klarna, Payoneer, and Alipay, the buyer will be redirected to the login page of the relevant payment service provider to perform the payment. After the buyer approves the payment, the payment can be completed without entering any card information.

For payments via Stripe and Braintree, you can add your data for the relevant payment methods from the Craftgate merchant panel as you add virtual POSs and e-money institutions to your account and start receiving your international payments via Stripe or Braintree.

There are different payment service providers around the world. When expanding to foreign markets, you can base your international operations on a solid strategy by working with the most preferred payment institutions of the target market.

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Start using Craftgate now to receive payments from all debit and credit cards accessing contracted virtual POS and payment institutions with a single integration.