Alternative Payment Methods

Reach more customers by getting paid via alternative payment methods as well as virtual POS and E-money institutions. You can integrate many alternative payment methods into your system without the need for separate development and start receiving payments immediately with the Craftgate integration.

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Improve the shopping experience for your customer and reach more customers by getting paid via alternative payment methods.


Integrate from a Single Center

You can start receiving payments right away by using the API or Common Payment page, depending on the payment method you want to receive payment from with existing Craftgate integration.

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Get Paid

With alternative payment methods, your customers can quickly complete their payments with one of the payment methods they use without entering card information.


Track Payments

You can track payments received from alternative payment methods through the member merchant panel.

From Single Center

Track Payments

You can track and manage payments from all virtual POS, e-money institutions and alternative payment methods from a single center through the Craftgate Merchant Panel.


With Craftgate

Alternative Payment Methods You Can Get Paid

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The payment can be completed successfully without entering any card information after the buyer's approval for the relevant payment is received by being directed to the Papara page.


Buyers can approve payments via BonusFlaş application without entering their card information to pay with GarantiPay.


Buyers can easily make payment by entering the one-time password they have created via the Sodexo application and the registered phone number in Sodexo system


Buyers can make payment by entering their Edenred card number and a one-time password that is sent to their phone numbers registered in the Edenred system.


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