Payment by Masterpass

Thanks to the Craftgate payment form and the Payment with Masterpass option offered on the common payment page, you can quickly and easily receive payments from millions of users who keep their cards in Mastercard’s digital payment solution.

Sanal Pos Ödeme ve E-para Kuruluşu Entegrasyonu Hero

Thanks to Masterpass Payment feature, Craftgate enables easy and fast payment processes and helps to improve customer experience.

Masterpass™ Offers Security and Convenience in Online Payment*
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Ödeme Formu Kolay Entegrasyonu
Easy Integration of the Payment Form

Easily access the Masterpass privilege with the Payment with Masterpass feature offered by Craftgate.

Ödeme Formu Hızlı Entegrasyonu
Fast Integration of the Payment Form

Speed up your payment processes with Craftgate, which offers easy integration with Masterpass!

Masterpass Kart Havuzuna Erişim
Access to the Masterpass Card Pool

Become a part of a digital world with millions of users with Masterpass.


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