Smart and Dynamic Payment Routing

Craftgate always cares for your business. At the time of collection, it ensures that your costs are reduced by routing the payment to the most efficient virtual POS or payment/e-money institution with the lowest commission.

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As you grow, your costs decrease! Thanks to the Smart and Dynamic Routing feature, the payments go through the POS or payment/e-money institution with the lowest commission, thus your business gains financial advantage.

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Craftgate cares for your business. It gives you a cost advantage with smart and dynamic payment routing.

Take advantage of your business with Smart and Dynamic Payment Routing, which facilitates your growth without increasing your commission costs.

Proceed in the most advantageous ways for your business with Craftgate and do not pay high commissions, do not lose on your turnover!

Gain cost advantage, evaluate opportunities, and manage your payment processes with Smart and Dynamic Routing.
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